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KG Entertainment Group

Contact: Kenny Gilder
Work PO Box 99 Avon Ohio 44011 United StatesWork Phone: 440-341-3579Anniversary: August 31, 2017 Membership: September 1, 2014 Website: http://www.kgentertainmentgroup.com/
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My name is Kenny Gilder, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of the KG Entertainment Group.


We have FIVE different divisions of our Entertainment business founded in 1976.  As a company we have entertained OVER 5 million guests at OVER 22,000 events for OVER 39 years!


1 – the dj company, started operations in 1976 and is the longest established division of the company.  The name pretty much tells the story.  DJ services and sound systems for any event.  Music from every era played on state of the art Bose Audio sound systems for Anniversaries, Parties, Picnics, Family Days, Community Days, Outings, Car Shows, Dances etc…. Don’t forget the “Senior Prom” option!

Name That Tune and Karaoke for Seniors are shows that truly can energize your activities.

2 – Music Bingo OhiO where we have re-invented the iconic game of Bingo by replacing numbers with music.  Combining the key ingredients of a GREAT elder lifestyle… 1) Music Therapy, 2) Cognitive Memory Recall and 3) Interactive Activity.  We take people on a wonderful trip down their personal memory lane while helping them recall wonderful parts of their past through the musical playlist of their lives.

3 – Trivia With A Twist provides a fun, interactive and challenging way to connect to memories with questions, music and fun.

4 – Giant Games of Cleveland has an array of GIANT versions of classic games that take everyone back to their younger days. Available are options such as giant Connect 4, Jenga, Operation, Yatzee, Chess, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Dominoes just to name a few.

We also offer movie screens for indoor or outdoor fun.  For groups as small a 10 to as large as 400!    


In my entire 44 year career I have never felt as fulfilled performing as I do each and every time that I leave a

Senior performance.


The happy memories that these program bring to the participants is heartwarming to see and soul filling to experience.

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