Wellness is a general state of good health but is consciously altered by the choices an individual makes.  Wellness impacts one’s quality of life and is most certainly important to all aging adults.

There are many dimensions of wellness which interact to influence one’s life.  Some examples of wellness include physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  A wealth of wellness services are available in the community which help older adults achieve the highest level of optimal health.

Lifestyle means a way of life and in the context of the resources listed here, lifestyle pertains to services and alternatives for enhancing one’s life.

Diamond Wellness Essentials

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A few years ago I was searching for ways to find safer, toxin free products & came across Young Living Essential Oils. With a little bit of research, it was clear that Young Living was the obvious choice. With its Seed to Seal promise and mission to educate, I was extremely comfortable beginning my journey into the world of essential oils. Yet, it wasn’t until I started using the YL products that I discovered how truly incredible they are. Naturally, I started sharing my positive experiences with others & hence, where I am today!

With Young Living not only do you get direct access to the world’s most therapeutic, valuable and widest variety of essential oils {and products!}, but if you choose to purchase one of Young Living’s amazing starter kits, you also get all products at 24% off retail price. Young Living has been around for 25 years and is the only company to own its own farms. From Utah to Ecuador to France and beyond, Young Living is investing in the world and in you! This company and my team have so much to offer.

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