While there are a vast number of professionals in Law, Finance and Insurance, it’s helpful to find one experienced with seniors and the specific issues affecting this age group. A professional who understands the special needs and nuances impacting older adults will likely be more empathetic and effective.

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Attorney Jim Koewler helps people to whom life has dealt a challenging hand.

  • Jim helps people who need long term care get that care without having to exhaust their entire life savings.
  • Jim helps people with special needs and their families provide for long term care and support.
  • Jim helps veterans who have become disabled because of something that happened to them during their military service.

Jim Koewler is passionate and professional about his services, because he has been through some of these issues with his family.  Jim took up elder law after seeing how an elder law attorney helped a relative.  Jim saw the emotional burden, as much as the financial burden, lifted off a grandmother and her adult children and realized that he wanted to help families in the same way.

Through strategic planning and legal formalities, Jim helps people who need long term care qualify for Medicaid or VA benefits (or both) to pay the otherwise overwhelming costs for their care.  Let Jim Koewler be your advocate, your guide, and your representative through the asset protection and government benefit application processes.

Similarly, strategic planning and legal formalities can help shelter assets for people who have special needs while also creating opportunities to receive government and charitable support.  Let Jim help you set up segregated funds to manage money (and to attract outside help) for you or for your family member who has special needs.

If your need for care or your disability results from your time in the military, Jim can help get disability payments from the VA’s Compensation program.  The Compensation program can be a great source of support for health or personal care when a veteran is in need.

For advice, representation and peace of mind through these difficult issues, contact Jim Koewler of The Koewler Law Firm.

• Free initial consultation – You shouldn’t have to pay to “kick the tires.”

• No conference rooms – Jim will come and meet around your kitchen table.

• Flat fee for most cases – Jim takes the guesswork out of fees.

Jim Koewler cares about you and all that you have worked so hard to achieve. He cares about your family and understands the difficulties that come with disabilities or the need for long term care.  He provides a plan to protect your savings and your benefits, and will help you implement that plan according to your individual needs.

Contact Jim Koewler TODAY

Jim Koewler’s mission is “Protecting Seniors and People with Special Needs.”

For help with long term care or with planning for someone with special needs, call Jim, or contact him through his website.


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