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Follow the Leader?

Leadership in any industry can be defined in thousands of ways. Look on Amazon for books about leadership, likely more than 10,000 titles will emerge. Don't we wish we could read a book and know exactly what to do everyday in our careers, whether in leadership or not? Something I use personally and professionally [...]

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Medicaid between states

Assisting clients with Medicaid can be a complicated process. One of the common challenges my client's face is transfering benefits between states especially when the "snowbird" needs to return to the northern, nest where the caregivers/family members reside. This article can help to understand the details for knowing how to start this process. Call us if [...]

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March Madness & Aging!

I love March Madness! This annual event (lasting many weeks) symbolizes a lot more than just talented young athletes. We can also see spring quickly approaching with the change in light, energies, new life, and excitement ahead. March is also a time for the snowbirds to start packing their bags and preparing to return to [...]

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Too much rest is not always best

Bed rest if often the answer to getting healthy. However, too much bed rest is not always best.  "Deconditioning" refers to the negative consequences of long-term inactivity. Extensive rest leads to a host of problems. Consequently, caregivers must be aware of the risks and benefits. click here to read the full article

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UC Davis study suggests 30-day window for hospital readmission is too long

Currently, the federal government evaluates hospitals based on a 30-day period post patient discharge.  However, according to a UC Davis study, they should shorten the period to 5-7 days post discharge.  The study suggests that the shorter timeframe more accurately evaluates factors that can be attributed to the hospital.  The researches claim that after this period, readmissions are [...]

UC Davis study suggests 30-day window for hospital readmission is too long2016-10-07T16:11:44-05:00

Oral hygiene affects more than just your mouth

Most people know that poor dental hygiene causes cosmetic as well as health problems with one's mouth.  However, insufficient dental care can also wreak havoc on other parts of the body, including the brain.  Poor oral hygiene may even have a correlation with dementia. http://www.belmarrahealth.com/cognitive-decline-older-adults-may-slowed-better-oral-hygiene-regular-dental-visits-study/

Oral hygiene affects more than just your mouth2016-10-06T07:37:26-05:00

Ambiguity on advance directives may result in undesired treatment

A recent study “Decisions by Default: Incomplete and Contradictory POLST in Emergency Care” found that 69% of patient forms regarding life sustaining treatments  were incomplete.  Consequently, the study's authors want to bring awareness to patients and physicians.  A lack of and/or contradictory information can lead a physician to default to the most aggressive treatment. Patients need [...]

Ambiguity on advance directives may result in undesired treatment2016-09-29T11:44:44-05:00

Uber targets older adult riders

Uber is marketing to seniors as an alternative form of transportation.  Uber is a better choice than public transportation, as it doesn't require a central station for pickup.  Riders can order Uber based on a desired time and pickup location.  In fact, Uber has even partnered with an eldercare network in Gainesvile to offer subsidized [...]

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Reentering the workforce after retirement

Going back to work after retirement is a growing trend.  Lack of sufficient funds and death of a spouse are two reasons for reentry into the workforce.  This trend is especially prevalent for older women. click here to read the full article

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