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Cleveland Sight Center

Non-Medical Vision RehabilitationContact: Tom Sawyer
Work 1909 E. 101st St Cuyahoga Cleveland OH 44106 United StatesWork Phone: 2166584567Work Phone: 2167918118Website:
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WHAT WE DO – We give hope and offer HELP!
Our goal is to enable those who are blind or have low vision to achieve independence. We educate, empower and employ; providing training and guidance to our clients and the communities we serve.

WHY WE’RE HERE – Helping people to survive, thrive, soar
Cleveland Sight Center’s mission is to empower people with vision loss to realize their full potential and to shape the community’s vision of that potential.

CSC is dedicated to assisting clients (infants to seniors) to live well with vision loss. If your vision loss is stopping you from performing even one daily activity, you can always self-refer
Call 216-658-4567 to register as a client

Cleveland Sight Center – Established 1906 to impact people’s lives
Non-medical Rehabilitation Service Agency
1909 East 101st Street – Cleveland, Ohio 44106

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