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Since 2002, Eldercare Professionals of Ohio, LLC (EPO) has assisted thousands of care-givers, older adults and professionals to learn how to navigate the eldercare maze. Educating both consumers and professionals results in older adults receiving a higher quality of care and quality of life. Each of the EPO business divisions; networking, education and training and coaching focuses on the same goal. EPO welcomes anyone in need of education and support of the caregiving process to contact us for guidance. Call us at 440-212-4987.

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2 weeks ago
Gut Microbes Might Predict Dementia

A look inside your gut could help to determine dementia risks...

The make-up of bacteria and other microbes in the gut may have a direct association with dementia risk,

2 weeks ago
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Several events posted on our community event calendar. Posting your events is a huge benefit to membership. See all events here and add new ones ... See more

EPO is proud to display its members' own community submitted events. Check out the list below for more information. If you are a member and would like to add an event to our calendar, please click ... See more

2 weeks ago
How to Get Increased Disability Compensation

Veterans may be eligible for increased compensation....

Did you know you can always ask the VA for increased disability compensation? But be careful, it can backfire.

3 weeks ago
Workplaces Aren't Paying Attention To The Growing Caretaking Crisis, And It's Costing Them Talent

Pay attention to the needs of your employees!

A third of workers have left a job because of caregiving responsibilities. What’s surprising is that the majority of those are highly paid men between the ages of 25-35.

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